In 2017, a group of earth-conscious apparel industry leaders took a trip to Haiti and recognized a dire need for a major paradigm shift from the environmentally-damaging way clothes are made -- and took drastic action. By combining forces, they manufactured a better product with from cutting-edge recycling technologies that not only feels amazing to wear, but also drastically reduces the environmental impact and transforms thousands of lives by partnering with companies around the world who commit to living wage and healthy jobs for their workers. Just a few short years later, because of your dedicated compassion in wearing, living, and sharing the message, you have inspired millions to create and share a healthier world that we Allmade better. 

When COVID-19 devastated the globe and decimated the apparel industry like so many others, factories were closed almost overnight, and many countries were shut down in effort to slow the spread of infection. 

The Allmade founders returned to their original vision of unifying efforts to make a meaningful impact knowing we’re all stronger when we do things together. Out of the ashes of necessity and meeting-the-moment resilience, the Allmask was born. By utilizing the same antimicrobial recycled fabric used in Allmade t-shirts, the Allmask was designed to protect our collective health with total and effortless comfort. 

Within weeks, hundreds of thousands of Allmasks have been sent around the world as the only known eco-friendly mask that aligns two great causes in one. 

The Allmade Allmask is helping people all over the world #BreatheHappier. Together, we will restore our economy, our environment, our health and wellbeing. Together, we will make our impact. Feel your impact.