Allmask™: The World’s First Eco-friendly Facemasks

Marcus Kon

Posted on May 12 2020

Columbus, Ohio, May 12, 2020 -  Allmade®, the t-shirt company that has sold over a million eco-friendly t-shirts made for comfort, durability, and eco consciousness, announced today their new initiative:  Allmask™ face masks, which are the first eco-friendly face masks on the market. These reusable face masks are produced with the same Allmade fabric which is made of a unique blend built from 50% Repreve® polyester which is made from recycled plastic, 25% organic cotton which is grown in the United States, and 25% TENCEL™ Modal. Allmask face masks are made in California in a government-approved facility that provides a living wage to employees. Unlike other face masks, the seam placement on the mask allows it to fit securely and comfortably on the face and covers the cheeks. It features an adjustable metal piece on the bridge of the nose, which provides an accurate fit and puts an end to foggy glasses. The mask has comfortable elastic head straps, comes in a variety of colors, and is machine washable. In the last 30 days, over a hundred thousand Allmasks have been purchased or donated to countries all over the world.

“People feel better about using the Allmask because they don’t want to breathe in the harsh chemicals that are in most fabrics,” said Thomas McClure, spokesperson for the company.  “Each mask consists of an average of one recycled water bottle, so not only are you taking care of yourself and those around you, you’re also taking care of our planet.”


Allmask embraces a “buy one, give one” charitable donation model. For every mask sold, they will donate one medical mask to a healthcare facility in need.


The Allmask can be purchased individually for $11.99 plus shipping, in a three-pack for $29.99 plus shipping, or in bulk with discounts starting with 100 masks at www.allmask.com.


 “The feedback we have been getting is that the Allmask is the softest and most comfortable mask people have tried,” said Mike Kon, co-founder of Allmask.


“Without doubt, THE most comfortable masks we have owned. They are also very universal when it comes to size. They are truly one size fits all. THANKS,” said customer Martin H.

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